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Get SEO Audit for your Website

Check the health of your website through a comprehensive SEO Audit Report which provides SEO areas of improvement, keyword research and ways to improve organic traffic for your website


SEO Audit

Details of the website pages that need improvement in terms of SEO like wrong Meta description length or broken links

Keyword Research

A comprehensive keyword research plan to achieve organic traffic of 3000 over a period of 12 months

Content Marketing Plan

A phased Content Marketing plan to help you achieve the desired organic traffic and the timeline for content to be delivered

Business Report

A detailed understanding of how you can achieve organic traffic over a period of 12 months and what it could mean for your business

SEO Action Plan

A clear actionable plan for SEO to fix the errors shown in your Audit Report and improve the performance of your website

Comprehensive Report

A comprehensive Audit report with a 6 month Content plan and SEO areas of improvement